Tertiary Study

University of Canterbury - School of Forestry Christchurch

Canterbury University is the only one in New Zealand to offer a professional forestry degree programme, and students graduating from this are the most sought after in the forest industries of New Zealand. The facilities include teaching and research spaces, Wood Technology precinct, which contains a timber drying and preservation unit, pulp and paper room, and workshop.

Bachelor in Forest Science

The structure of this degree offers exciting opportunities for study in a range of disciplines.  The degree is management oriented and requires some study of science, commerce, engineering and sociology subjects.

A range of study in this degree will set you up for many career options, including positions in business, government, consulting and contracting, in fields as wide as conservation, forest management, forest operations and forest policy.

Employers are closely linked to the School of Forestry and most graduating students have full time job offers before their course is even completed.

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First year Forestry class, in Hanmer Forest. Exercises include estimating the heights and widths of trees and calculating the cubic measurement of timber in a forest. Class run by Justin Morgenroth and Nigel Pink.

Bachelor (Hons) in Forest Engineering

Forest Engineers help to design, construct and evaluate the operational systems that make the forest industry function.  This includes designing and building new roads and forestry equipment, planning harvest operations, integrating new technologies and optimising transport logistics.
It also meaning looking after the environment and planning safe working situations.

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