Welcome to the ​Southern North Island Wood Council, providing a collective voice for the forestry sector in Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu, Wairarapa, Tararua and Wellington.


1 week ago
Silence of the trees: Why the rise of forestry and soaring carbon prices have farmers worried

This actually has correct stats......our land has been deforested in the last decade. So what are they worried about exactly???? There is less pine trees than 10 years ago.

The rise and rise of forestry is causing friction in rural areas.

1 week ago
Beyond the bark: How trees are becoming more than a source of shade

Trees provide shade and shelter, but researchers say they could supply much more, replacing plastic, glass and metal in some products.

1 week ago


Bit of light reading here, MPI data, comparison of forestry vs sheep ... See more

1 week ago
Forestry more effective land use than farming, report finds

MPI-commissioned report finds greater employment, GDP contribution from forestry.

1 week ago
Forestry more effective land use than farming, report finds

MPI-commissioned report finds greater employment, GDP contribution from forestry.

1 week ago
Forest Engineering video compendium | Forestry Engineering | School of Forestry | College of Engineering | University of Canterbury

Compiled by Hunter Harrill and Rien Visser, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury. Some great forest engineering video clips are available on the web

1 week ago
Rare native bird species flourishing in North Canterbury regenerative forest

Rare native birds including the shining cuckoo (pīpīwharauroa) and tomtit (ngirungiru) have been spotted in North Canterbury’s Tiromoana Bush.

1 week ago

sweet. Free forestry apps!!

Needing some #ICT integrated lesson ideas? Do you want to take students to an Australian forest biome in school lock down, or host a social distanced virtual excursion?

Head to ... See more

1 week ago
Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau Forestry scholarships

MPI is offering scholarships for Māori and/or female students enrolling in a Bachelor of Forestry Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Forest Engineering.

1 week ago
Forestry news, forestry jobs - Friday Offcuts

The other day I met a good friend of mine who is a genetic engineer. He was happy to tell me of his job. His latest project is the splicing of DNA from different species of birds. First, he combined ... See more

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Coronavirus Disruption

Southern North Island Wood Council is communicating with members about the current market conditions in New Zealand and effects on our contractors and companies.

If you need assistance please click the link below for more information.

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Wood Council Awards 2020 cancelled

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All 2020 School Events cancelled

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Wood Council members in this region:

  • Own or manage about 164,000 hectares of forest;

  • Are involved with 3 Regional Councils and 17 District or City Councils;

  • Employ about 1050 people in a range of jobs;

  • Produced about 1.7 million tonnes of logs in 2015;

  • Generated about $187 million worth of log sales revenue;

  • Underpin a further 2200 jobs in wood processing;

  • Have over 5500 stakeholders.

What we do

  1. Enable health & safety initiatives for members and support programmes and wellbeing in the sector.
  2. Provide a common focus that represents the view of its members and the industry as a whole.
  3. Take a proactive role in improving our regions perceptions of the forest industries.
  4. Have a role in influencing industry employment and quality training with a special focus on careers information for schools and school leavers.
  5. Ensure the industry adheres to best practice guidelines. ​
  6. Contribute to regional foundation plans to ensure infrastructure is well equipped to support the industry.

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